Pringles & X-Men: Days Of Future Past 2014


Client: [ Isobar ]


Campaign: [ X-Men Days of Future Past ]


Brand: [ Pringles ]


We were approached by London agency Isobar to devise a concept for the ‘X-men: Days of Future Past’ and ‘Pringles’ co-branding YouTube advertising campaign. Our team designed and manufactured an elaborate machine that extracted ‘The Last Pringle’ from a tube with help from the X-Men. The machine represented major characteristics of three main X-Men mutants, and demonstrated their abilities through a fluid electro-mechanical sequence.


Using a range of motion control components and custom built structural parts, our setup included: a robotic version of Wolverines claws; a large speaker magnet for Magneto, and an air-duct leaf-blower system for Storm. The technically extravagant journey ended with an aperture style container to present the last Pringle in all its glory. The film was directed by Chris Vincze and produced by Artists & Engineers. The production included scenes shot with a Phantom 4k digital camera to capture the delicate movement of the crisp through the air at 1000 frames per second.


The video currently has 5Million+ views on youtube.





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