Perrier-Jouet: L'Eden London Design Week 2016


Client: [ Bompas & Parr ]



For London Design Festival, and hosting a number of premier parties for London Fashion Week, our engineers created the main technical elements for L’den by Perrier Jouet in partnership with Bompas and Parr.


L'eden extended over 2 floors of The Unit, a Soho Gallery which housed the Bio-responsive Interactive Garden; a stunning living garden brought to motion in ways never before seen. Users enter through the vine corridor, a walkway obstructed by vines, as the user walks through, the vines part, inviting the guest to follow the pathway to what lies beyond.


Once inside the guest is drawn to the Green Mirror, a living wall with a mind of it’s own. As the user approaches the wall, body points are detected using visual processing and depth data which cues the wall to interact with the user, but like any animal it will react to its surroundings; approach the wall too fast it becomes timid and retracts, be gentle and the Green Mirror will feel at ease. The wall has 18 movement points, a dynamic LED backdrop, combined with our sound design, programmed to react in unison with the wall’s movement and gives extra dimension life and excitement for the user.   

Before waving goodbye to L’Eden the user gets a chance to enjoy the Dancing Tree, which waves right back. Mimicking the user’s movements, the Dancing Tree moves its arms and follows the user’s position until they depart to receive a glass of champagne.



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