Nastro Azzurro Advertisement Shoot


Client: [ Xister // SabMiller ]


The Sound Brewery Project is a conceptual machine for generating music from the ingredients in the Nastro Azzuro brewing process. Water, Hops, Barley and Corn were manipulated in a unique method to create an audio looping system based on organic input.


Water was piped through 8 km of tubing and 1800 custom valves to create a water based touchscreen. The DJ’s finger movement was tracked using Leap Motion that was processed through VVVV, this information was used to control 2 custom designed turntables and laser arms.


The turntables consisted of Interchangeable vinyl-style palettes, these were held in place by neodymium magnets that were attached to custom designed speakers on a rotating mechanism. Audio was generated by interpreting data from a high-spec laser (accurate to 0.001mm) that was used to read the characteristics of the ingredients via custom electronics, the data was manipulated by VVVV and ableton and trigger synth effects. The DJ manipulated the sound by: moving and changing the ingredients, changing the rotation speed of the turntables and adjusting the position of the laser arm.


The solid ingredients were placed on a specially designed Chladni-style plate that was developed for the machine, namely a circle in favour of the common square design. The corn, hops and barleys contour and arrangement generated the drum track and synth lines as they interacted with the laser and DJ.


Water was poured onto flat pressed vinyl palettes, creating a liquid record. Audio frequencies were fed into the rotating liquid records to generate a unique visual and audio effect from the surface of the liquid.





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