Hendrick’s - 'Phantasmagorical Cognitive Drinking Toppers’ 2015


Client : [ Gravity Thinking ]


Campaign: [ Hendrick's Topper Hat ]


Brand: [ Hendrick's Gin ]


The experience begins with a Hendrick’s ambassador inviting their gin-fuelled participant to take a Rorschach test. The hat is then put on and one of five pre-programmed audio tracks is selected based on the results of the test.


The audio uses several psychoacoustic tricks while lights shine into the user’s eyes pulsing at frequencies specially selected to encourage a meditative state of mind. During the experience, a voice over instructs the subject to take regular sips of Hendrick’s Gin.


In sync with the audio, a video is displayed to harness the technological epicentre of the hat: an EEG sensor headband. It records multiple brain wave signals which have been mapped to manipulate a series of digital videos. The real-time video feed correlates to brain activity, such as calmness and concentration, and provides onlookers with a window into the hat wearers mind.


The project was premiered as part of the Hendrick’s Emporium of Sensorial Submersion (HESS) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015. Due to its popularity, it continues its mind-manipulating journey around the UK to drive further customer engagement with the brand.



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