Glenfiddich 21 Year Old - 2015


Client : [ Sibling and Rival | Gravity Thinking ]


Production Company: [ LOKI ] 


Campaign: [ Glenfiddich 21 ]


Brand: [ Glenfiddich ]


We were approached by Sibling and Rival to build a fully functional and sculptural installation for the Glenfiddich 21YO campaign. The idea was to use cymatics to create a visual display with whisky in response to a live music collaboration between Calma Carmona and the Co-operative Scottish Orchestra.


We built a total of seven apparatus which were specially designed to pick up different frequencies and manipulate the whisky making it ‘dance’ in time to the music. Four of them created geometric patterns on the surface of the whisky while others caused downward flowing liquid to spiral and curl each time a note was played.


The most complex device was able to levitate the whisky itself; literally suspending a droplet of the 21 year old in mid-air using ultrasonic sound waves. As a grand finale, the hovering droplet settled into a perfect sphere before gracefully falling into the bottle.




Watch the Making of:




Project Highlights:



The Glenfiddich Distillery.



A trip to the distillery was followed by an extensive R&D process focused on the subject of cymatics. 


Initial concept drawings:



Alongside the directors at Sibling and Rival, we designed a layout plan for the installation: 







Initial CAD designs:




The parts were all manufactured in-house, machined out of: brass, aluminium, copper and American white oak. 



Concrete stands: weighted and reinforced to supply liquid, power and data.



A preview for the client before fully disassembling the machines for finishing.



Each component was brought to a high finish in a process that took a team of seven people a week to complete.






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