Glenfiddich Instore

Client: [ William Grant ]


Glenfiddich 21


Cymatics In-Store


Following on from the success of the 2015 Glenfiddich 21YO commercial, William Grant & Sons asked us to build an installation that gave Whisky lovers the chance to see the effect of cymatics on whisky first hand.


With Father’s Day just around the corner the installation is currently situated at Selfridges in Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre.


‘Love Illumination’ performed by Calma Carmona and the Co-operative Scottish Orchestra is again used as the theme song. Custom software was created to loop the film and give the user four options to interactively generate cymatic frequencies in the glassware in front of them.


Users can select which part of the song they want to play. Each instrument (Drums/ Vocals/ Strings/ Contrabass) having a different effect on the cymatics.



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